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Musical chairs for well-trained staff

October 04, 2011

One of the things that sets Douglass apart from other printers is our deeply experienced team of associates. In fact, they are so well-trained that they can jump in and do another's job to cover leaves of absence or vacations. We want you to connect with exactly the right person the FIRST time, so here's a look at some of the strategic maneuvering we have been doing: SHARI PROVAN is now our Order Processing Manager, ordering all consumables, managing inventory and scheduling work for production. COURTNEY HARVEY has stepped up as Florida Sales Associate. As a full-time student, JACKSON HICKEY has joined the team part-time to help answer our ever-ringing telephones. RYAN GIERMAN is now our Creative Director. LYNN HURLEY is our outstanding Production Manager. And, with DEBBIE CARRIGAN spending all of her time as our Government Sales Associate, ROSSELY MARTINEZ is the delightful voice of Douglass (and she speaks Spanish, too!)

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