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Douglass does Washington

March 15, 2011

Lisa Kaiser Hickey, President and CEO, spent the day in our nation's capital recently. She began the day with a visit to Congressman Dennis Ross to discuss international trade and women's procurement issues. Following that visit, she made a presentation to an international group of women entrepreneurs at the Institutute of International Education. The women were visiting Washington as part of a State Department program to foster international education, business development, and connections to resources. Ms Hickey presented her body of work with the international development of women entrepreneurs, particularly within her role as the Director for the Americas of The International Alliance for Women (TIAW).

The last visit of the day was to the U.S. Government Printing Office, where Ms Hickey met with a team of purchasing and customer service professionals. As as Top 50 supplier to the US government with a clean compliance record dating back thirty years, Ms Hickey was honored to be met by an enthusiastic team from GPO.

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