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CEO joins Polk Arts Alliance board

July 20, 2010

Long time arts advocate and contributor Lisa Kaiser Hickey has joined the board of the Polk Arts Alliance. With a bachelor's degree in fine arts from Florida Southern College, Kaiser Hickey has very deliberately included her public interests with her private interests, choosing over the last decade to focus her efforts on the arts.

During her tenure as President and CEO of Douglass Screen Printers, Ms Hickey was a Swansation sponsor, donating Swan d'Art to Rochelle School of the Arts. She subsequently founded and funded the Douglass Screen Printers Serigraphy Collection at the Polk Museum of Art in memory of her father , Tom Kaiser. She later served several years on the board of Polk Museum of Art. The company is a founding and current sponsor and printing provider for the innovative Kids Tag Art Program, conceived by the Polk County Tax Collector's Office to provide supplemental arts funding in Polk County elementary schools.

The Polk Arts Alliance was founded in 2001 as a non-profit arts organization. It serves as a collaborative agency between arts orgarnizations and the regional governments. Its mission is to support and promote artistic life in Central Florida through programs, initiatives and alliances.

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