Screen Printed Static Cling LabelsStatic Cling Labels

Static clings are a variant of decals or labels in their application or purpose, but the major difference is that they adhere by static rather than by adhesive.  Screen printed decals and labels first emerged as decalcomanias, which were layers of ink bound between layers of water-soluble glue.

Today’s modern screen and digital printing techniques are applicable to many types of adhesive and performance combinations including static cling vinyl.  Static clings are a short-term and non-invasive way to mark and identify all types and sizes of interior spaces as well as windshields, windows, and doors.

Douglass Screen Printers uses proven vinyl cling materials, brilliant fade-resistant inks and bold design to create static cling label graphics that make your message clear.

Say what you like, we’ll sign it…with static cling labels.

Screen Printed Static Cling LabelsScreen Printed Static Cling Labels

Static Cling Label Size Range:

No size limitation/ product can be tiled

Minimum Static Cling Order:


Static Cling Label Materials/Properties:

White or Clear Vinyls without adhesive or with a low-tack “re-cling” adhesive; can be printed for one-way or two-way viewing

Static Cling Applications:

Windows, windshields, walls, doors, display cases, equipment, promotional products

Typical Static Cling Purposes:

Temporary or permanent messaging, parking, identification, novelty, safety, promotion, security, decoration, temporary display, wallpaper, murals


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