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Production Requirements

Client-provided art

Submit all images to

Black and white: art meeting the requirements below saves programming fees:

  • Art must be sharp, clean and without fuzzy or broken type and/or lines
  • Art provided in any size other than 100% must have the scale annotated
  • Multiple colors must be color separated with a .020" bleed for trapping
  • Registration targets on every layer are required
  • Each color must be identified with the desired PMS number or have client color sample affixed

Film: art supplied at 100% of size to the requirements below saves programming and film fees:

  • One film per color, with trapping as noted above
  • Supply a negative for each layer containing halftones. Call DSP's Creative Department for recommendations.
  • For jobs printed right-reading, face up, films must be supplied right-reading, emulsion up
  • For jobs printed wrong-reading (face down), films must be supplied right-reading, emulsion down
  • Crop marks delineating all four corners OR die-lines should be a maximum of.008" stroke width
  • Contact DSP’s Creative Department for information and requirements for creating four-color separations. Screen printing deposits 5 to 10 times more ink than offset lithography and requires the use of different dot sizes, shapes and screen angles.


  • For die cut items, our minimum border is .0625" with a tolerance of +/- .0312" for adjustment. For best results, please allow .125" for borders
  • Bleed for outside perimeters should be .1875". Symmetrical (same all four edges) are more economical than asymmetrical.

Questions?Call 1.800.888.8545 and ask for Technical Assistance

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