Screen Printed PlacardsPlacards

Placards are a functional means of messaging. Placards, with their wide array of constructions and materials are ideally suited for marking all kinds of equipment, conveying instructions and warnings and identifying contents.

Placards can be designed for either temporary or permanent use in manufacturing or retail spaces, on board transportation vehicles, tanks and containers, and supplement safety and security systems. Depending on the end use, placards can be cut to shapes and/or have internal holes and slots, have markable surfaces, contain protective overlays, and be paired with a frame. 

Douglass Screen Printers uses an array of synthetic paper, plastic, vinyl, aluminum and magnetic materials, brilliant fade-resistant inks, bold design, and expert finishing to yield placard graphics that are unmistakably clear.

Say what you like, we’ll sign it…with placards.

Screen Printed Placards
Screen Printed Placards
Screen Printed Placards

Placard Size Range:

Generally no size limitation unless framed

Minimum Placard Order:


Placard Materials:

Synthetic paper, Plastic, Vinyl, Aluminum, Magnetic with or without mylar overlay; finishing options include non-conductive or metal eyelets and grommets, string, wire, ties, framing and die-cutting

Placard Applications:

Temporary or permanent use in manufacturing and retail environments for part/contents/equipment identification, transport tanks, cylinders and vehicles.

Typical Placard Product Purposes:

Temporary or permanent messaging,  identification, instructional, directional, safety, security


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