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The Fine Art of Printing

Powerful Impressions Are A Reflection Of Our Commitment To Excellence.

Our progression from manual presses to computers that can translate crisp digital images is a testament to our forward-thinking.

Douglass Screen Printers ButterflyWhen Douglass was formed in 1939, screen printing involved a lot of technical know-how and a little bit of luck. Sunny days meant faster drying times and capable hands meant better efficiency and artistry.

As new materials and technology became available, we were among the first to employ and perfect them, which gave our clients the most state-of-the-art mediums available.

Mylars and vinyls opened up new avenues of expression and a durability our clients have come to expect.

Curing inks through ultra-violet light made the drying process instantaneous, making our products more efficient and economical to produce. We in turn can pass the savings along to you.

As the new millennium approached, we focused our attention on digital imaging and perfected its ability to create equally sharp and consistent images for both large and small print runs. Through digital imaging, you know you’ll receive the same attention to detail whether it’s a job of one or one million.

Above all, we’re artisans who craft lasting impressions for some of the largest and most respected companies and institutions around the globe.

Signage that speaks.

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