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Lisa Kaiser Hickey retires - meet the new CEO!

September 17, 2012

For 73 years, Douglass Screen Printers has produced bold, brilliant and clear printed graphic products for everything clients want to say. Today’s DSP operates three facilities of screen and/or digital printing throughout Lakeland. Main product lines are weather-durable decals, posters, banners, signs, tags, wraps and nameplates, but just visit the company web site at www.dsp-CanDo.com and be overwhelmed by 35 pages of product details and photos! Or, come visit the Open House on October 9 and experience their impressive corporate offices and vivid showcase of products.

Douglass has committed for five decades to corporate social responsibility that is focused on the common good of its people and the Lakeland metro community, but now has broadened that commitment to the common good of our planet. This fall, Douglass expects to receive certification from the Sustainable Green Partnership (SGP) as Florida’s second green screen printer.

Holding multiple certifications as a woman-owned business, Douglass is highly supportive of global women’s issues and in particular the economic empowerment of women. CEO Lisa Kaiser Hickey has participated, mentored, sponsored, and engaged at every level of government to advocate for gender equity and policy support for women’s entrepreneurship. Her leadership career includes numerous local, state, national and international boards. She continues to be a dedicated supporter of the arts and servant leader for First United Methodist Church as she enters the presidency of The International Alliance for Women.

As Ms. Kaiser Hickey retires this November after 35 years of corporate leadership, she has mentored her daughter Lane Kathryn Hickey-Wiggins as successor. Ms Hickey-Wiggins recently graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Art History and is already pursuing an MBA.

Ms. Hickey-Wiggins will continue the corporate contributions to Lakeland. She is a member of Kiwanis and EMERGE Lakeland, an executive board member of Junior Achievement and Polk County Kid’s Tag Art Steering Committee, and will participate in this year’s EMERGE Serves class (which Ms. Kaiser Hickey will help teach).


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