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A celebration of 39 years

February 15, 2011

Christine "Bubbles" Clements, the longest-serving associate in Douglass' history, will retire in the spring of 2011 after thirty-nine years of service. Bubbles began her career at Douglass sweeping floors, but progressed rapidly upward as she mastered literally every phase of the pressroom and finishing departments at the company. She has worked the last several years as the Order Processing Manager, translating sales orders into production orders using Douglass' Avanti Print Management System.

Bubbles has been training Nordis Del Toro as her replacement, although we all know that no one can truly replace the depth of her experience or her bubbly personality.

If you have ever ordered from Douglass, chances are that Bubbles put her handprint on your order, and for that you should be heartily grateful.

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