Screen Printed Murals


Murals are grand-format images that can convey messages and/or images together with a sense of place. Constructed as a tiled image and installed like wallpaper, murals are, for the most part, adhesive vinyl (decals).

Decals, with their flexible and adhesive properties are ideally suited for marking all kinds of irregular surfaces from walls to building facades to vehicles.

Murals can also be printed on exterior-quality mesh fabrics and stitched and grommetted for suspension on a fence or temporary wall. Fence and wall murals are an eye-catching way to mark and identify all types and sizes of surfaces including windows, storefronts, walls, doors, pylons, and construction sites. Wall murals can be combined with ceiling and floor graphics to deliver a continuous image from ceiling to wall to floor. 

Douglass Screen Printers uses an array of vinyl and reflective materials, brilliant fade-resistant ink, bold design, and expert installation to yield mural graphics that are unmistakably clear.

Say what you like, we’ll sign it…with murals.

Mural Size Range:

No size limitation/ product is tiled

Minimum Mural Order:


Mural Materials:

White, Pigmented, or Clear Vinyl and Reflective with or without one-way viewability; open-weave or solid weave nylon fabric,

Mural Applications:

Walls, doors, dividers, pylons, storefronts, fences

Typical Mural Products:

Temporary or permanent messaging, identification, directional, novelty, safety, promotion, security, decoration, temporary display, wallpaper, murals

Screen Printed Murals


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