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Care and Usage of Magnetic Signs

  1. Be sure the metal mounting surface and the back of the magnetic sign are at room temperature, and that both are clean and dry. For outdoor applications, the application surface should be waxed.  Wax must cure 48 hours for optimal adhesion. All painted or coated surfaces must be completely cured before applying magnetic signs.  Allow 90 days for painted surfaces and 60 days for clear coated surfaces. 

Caution:  We do not recommend applying magnetic signs to repainted surfaces.

  1. Magnetic sheet holds best to flat surfaces.  They can adhere well to slightly curved surfaces as long as the curvature is in only one dimension.  Position the magnetic sign over the application surface and release it when alignment is satisfactory.  If it is necessary to re-position, LIFT the sign rather than dragging it along the application surface.  Dragging causes the magnetic to stretch due to the high bond of the sign to the surface.
  2. Ensure that the magnetic sign is smooth and flat against the surface, with no air pockets.  Lift and re-smooth to eliminate air pockets.  Avoid unnecessary scratches on the magnetic surface by using hands or rags to smooth the sign, not a squeegee.
  3. It is common for moisture and dirt to collect between the magnet and metal surface, particularly in exterior applications.  Remove and clean both the magnet and surface with mild detergent and allow both to thoroughly dry.  For car signs, repeat the cleaning process daily. WARNING:  Failure to follow the daily cleaning process can lead to fusing of the magnet to painted surfaces and result in damage.
  4. Store magnetic signs flat or in rolls, but never magnetic surface to magnetic surface.  When storing in rolls, roll with the coated surface on the outside to avoid wrinkles.


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