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Douglass Screen Printers is a seventy year-old 4 million dollar screen and digital printing company operating in three locations across Lakeland, Florida. Product lines include decals, posters, banners, signs, tags, wraps and facia (nameplates).

We participate as volunteers and donors in our community and operate as an ethical and responsible employer. We employ a diverse and egalitarian team of 50 artisans, and use sustainable business practices for the common good of our planet.

Se habla Espanol Lisa Kaiser Hickey
Rossely Martinez
Vice President
International Sales
Chairman of the board


-30,000 square foot screen and digital production facility
-2500 square foot digital production facility
-3000 square foot installation facility

Florida is a Leader in U.S. Exporting

Florida serves as a major international trade center and a hub for international banking and finance, education, transportation and telecommunications. The state also has one of the largest concentrations of consulates and bi-national chambers of commerce in the United States. Douglass is pleased to be one of Florida's many small business exporters and is active in the Florida Chamber's International Committee.  See our listing in the Export Yellow Pages.

DSP Memberships

UNSPSC Commodity Codes

The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®) provides an open, global multi-sector standard for efficient, accurate classification of products and services. The UNSPSC offers a single global classification system that can be used for:

  • Company-wide visibility of spend analysis
  • Cost-effective procurement optimization
  • Full exploitation of electronic commerce capabilities

Douglass is a provider in the following classifications:

55121500 - Tags   55121607 - Decals
55121701 - Metallic nameplates   55121702 - Non metallic nameplates
55121704 - Safety signs   55121705 - Self adhesive signs
55121706 - Banners   55121707 - Magnetic signs
55121712 - Directional signs   55121713 - Point of purchase signs
55121716 - Wooden signs   55121718 - Informational signs
60101717 - Name plates or tags   60105004 - Radiation warning signs
60121008 - Posters   73151903 - Screen industrial printing services
73151905 - Digital industrial printing services   73151906 - Thermal transfer industrial printing services
82121500 - Printing   82121503 - Digital printing
82121504 - Letterpress or screen printing   82121508 - Wrap or tag or label or seal or bag printing
82141502 - Art design or graphics    
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