Screen Printed Point-of-Purchase

Indoor Point-of-Purchase

Indoor point-of-purchase signage depends in large measure on the development and commercialization of screen printing. Bold and brilliant use of color is a hallmark of contemporary screen printing.

Indoor point-of-purchase signs and displays have long been used for short term promotion in retail and public spaces. Indoor point-of-purchase signage has been the medium of choice to feature products, events, special engagements, and messages of every stripe.

Today, screen printed indoor point-of-purchase signs and displays are a durable way to both communicate and decorate public and private venues. Douglass Screen Printers uses an array of papers, boards and plastics with brilliant fade-resistant inks and bold design to create indoor point-of-purchase graphics that make your message clear.

Say what you like, we’ll sign it…with indoor point-of-purchase.

Screen Printed Point-of-Purchase
Screen Printed Point-of-Purchase
Screen Printed Point-of-Purchase

Indoor point-of-purchase Size Range:

Generally no size limitation/ product can be tiled

Indoor point-of-purchase Minimum Order:


Indoor point-of-purchase Materials:

Papers, Boards, Plastics

Indoor point-of-purchase Applications:

Public and private spaces, “take one” boxes, standing counter cards, floor displays, self-standing pylons and facades, playbills

Typical Indoor point-of-purchase Purposes:

Decoration, point-of-purchase promotion, safety, instructional, promotion, novelty, security, temporary display, identification,


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