Screen Printed Giclees & Serigraphs

Giclees & serigraphs

Giclees and serigraphs became popular following the ground-breaking work of artists who experimented with techniques in the medium of digital and screen printing. The bold and brilliant use of color is a hallmark of contemporary screen printing, and the reproduction of subtleties and color gamut define the digital print.

Giclees and serigraphs are the fine art forms that today’s artists and photographers choose for limited edition print runs of original works of art or photography. 

In addition, digitally printed giclees and screen printed serigraphs are a durable way to decorate public and private venues with style.

Douglass Screen Printers uses an array of fabrics and papers with brilliant fade-resistant inks to translate original works of art into beautiful and durable limited editions suitable for sale.

Say what you like, we’ll sign it…with giclees & serigraphs.

Screen Printed Giclees & Serigraphs

Giclees & Serigraphs Size Range:

Dependent on original work and the request of the artist

Giclees & Serigraphs Minimum Order:


Giclees & Serigraphs Materials:

Woven Fabrics and Archival Papers; framing is optional and available

Giclees & Serigraphs Applications:

Public and private venues, retail sale

Typical Giclees & Serigraphs Purposes:

Decoration, limited edition print runs


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