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Display graphics depend in large measure on the development and commercialization of screen printing. Bold and brilliant use of color is a hallmark of contemporary screen printing.

Display graphics as a group includes flags, pennants, wavers and flexible signs of all size and are ideal for promotion in retail and public spaces both indoors and outdoors.

Display graphics have been the medium of choice to mark sporting events, facilities, airports, streetscapes, grand format building exteriors and temporary venues including construction sites, fences, facades and windows. 

Douglass Screen Printers uses an array of papers, nylons, vinyls, woven fabrics, boards and plastics with brilliant fade-resistant inks, quality finishing and bold design to create display graphics that make your message clear.

Say what you like, we’ll sign it…with display graphics.

Screen Printed Displays
Screen Printed Displays


Screen Printed Displays  

Size Range:

Generally no size limitation/ product can be tiled by stitching or heat sealing

Minimum Order Quantity:



Papers, Boards, Plastics, Nylons, Vinyls, Woven Fabrics and hardware including retractable and portable stands, frames, poles, and hanging systems


Public and private spaces such as sporting events, facilities, airports, streetscapes, building exteriors, construction sites, fences, facades, windows, walls, pylons and sidewalks

Typical Product Purposes:

Decoration, point-of-purchase promotion, safety, instructional, novelty, security, temporary display, identification,


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