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Camera Ready Art

Art Supplied on Board

  • Art must be sharp, clean and without fuzzy or broken type and/or lines.
  • Art should be 100% or larger of the finished dimensions, with the scale noted on the art or drawing.
  • Art should be color separated with a .020" bleed, one color per layer, stat or film.
  • Art MUST include registration targets on each layer.
  • Designate all colors and provide PMS number or match color samples.

Art Supplied on Film

  • Film must be individually supplied for each color.
  • Please supply a negative for halftone art. Call DSP's Creative Deparment for recommendations.
  • Provided film should be correctly oriented:
  • Face-Up Printing = positive film supplied right reading, emulsion up
  • Face-Down Printing = positive film supplied with right reading, emulsion down.
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